An alliance to optimize and simplify inter-Caribbean travel.

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The CARIBSKY project is a collaborative project aimed primarily at optimising air travel in the Caribbean area, based on a brand-new network of truly interconnected airlines. This should ultimately foster free movement of persons and boost economic growth across the region.

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Air Antilles




All airlines contributing to this project will collectively strive to: 

  • Provide customers with more services in the Caribbean region;
  • Provide passengers with a connected network across the Caribbean including as many connection options as possible to travel between English, French and Dutch territories;
  • Work together towards creating a product specifically tailored to travellers’ needs, via our networks.

All stakeholders share a vision to enable better and easier travel options across the region.

CARIBSKY aims at sharing each airline’s expertise, connecting networks, optimising flight schedules and bringing our teams closer together.

The ultimate goal being to provide all Caribbean passengers with access to all Caribbean destinations, in a single ticket.


Implemented by francophone airline AIRANTILLES in partnership with LIAT (English speaking Caribbean based airline) and WINAIR (Dutch-speaking airline), the CARIBSKY project is co-funded by the INTERREG Caribbean programme for a total budget of €4,670,000, including 1.8 million euros as part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and €417,500 as part of the European Development Fund (EDF).
The balance is self-financed by the project’s partners (AIRANTILLES / LIAT / WINAIR & DISCOVER DOMINICA).
It will be carried out over a three-year period.  


The CaribSKY project has 3 main targets:


To provide travellers with easier travel across the entire Caribbean area based on more connection options, increased traffic fluidity and lower prices.

Caribbean territories

To reduce isolation based on greater connection options and easier access for inter-continental passengers.


Based on optimised productive assets and enhanced synergy.

The Interreg Caribbean programme

The Interreg Caribbean programme is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and supports cooperation initiatives addressing shared regional challenges in view of strengthening sustainable economic growth in line with territorial specificities, in the Caribbean area. The Guadeloupe Regional Council acts as the managing authority for this fund. It was devised to support projects involving stakeholders located in the Outermost Regions (ORs) of Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique and Saint Martin and partnering with other Caribbean establishments — which accounts for nearly forty third-countries or Overseas Countries or Territories (OCTs).

This European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) programme aims at upholding challenges and issues shared by Caribbean countries and territories, based on financial support to win/win projects. It counts with a total budget of 85.7 million euros including 64.2 million in ERDF funding distributed among all of the programme’s axes, as well as 2.9 million in EDF funding (European Development Fund) for Caribbean partners — with the Guadeloupe Regional Council acting as the fund’s managing authority on behalf of CARICOM/CARIFORUM.


1. Competitiveness, innovation, employment, economic diversification, growing business opportunities in the area,

2. Strengthening natural disaster response capabilities,

3. Protecting and promoting natural and cultural environments, 

4. Providing a joint response to public health issues, 

5. Supporting initiatives aimed at fostering renewable energies, 

6. Strengthening human capital (training, mobility, language learning). 

The CARIBSKY project operates as part of the programme’s first axis, in view of strengthening in a sustainable and inclusive fashion, the competitiveness of Caribbean businesses, as crucial wealth and job creators.  


Project supported by Interreg-caraibes