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Find out everything you want to know about Caribsky
Air Transportation in the Caribbean. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam sed aliquet nisl, eget vehicula lorem. Nullam mattis volutpat cursus. Donec feugiat vel arcu id gravida.
35 islands to link with a long ark of 3.500 kms through 50 airports
• Difficult to travel between islands
• Few direct flights between islands
• No (Few) connections
• Prices are too high
• Lower quality of service
• Lower volume of passengers
• Travel oriented along colonial lines
(French, Spanish, Dutch, English)
• Important differences of buying power
• Visa problems
• Companies that are too scattered
• Fleets are too small
• Public vs Private companies
• Traffic rights are very highly regulated and protectionism is built in • No Fifth Freedom
• Low profits on certain sectors
A single company is not able to solve the problem of air transport in the Caribbean The solution is through cooperation In the Caribbean, Air Antilles, LIAT, Winair are complementary and share a common vision. They wish to : • Facilitate air transportation • Provide more services for passengers • Make transportation more accessible • Stimulate economic development